Focus on the Soil Itself

In the Forward of the book, Cows Save the Planet, Gretel Ehrlich writes, "After taking [Allan] Savory's weeklong seminar in the early 1980s, I changed the way I ranched and handled cattle, and the way I thought about grass, sunlight, water, and soil. I began considering the whole ecosystem, not just bits and pieces, each of which needed help; I made a land plan, moved cattle every three days through smaller pastures divided by portable electric fence, and in two years restored twelve to fifteen species of native grasses to the range, developed springs, provided grass that sustained a winter herd of elk, stopped all overgrazing, restored watersheds, improved cow and calf health, maintained against all odds a 100 percent calving rate, and grew a large garden from which we ate year-round. Because I wasn't born to a ranching family, I could adopt new ideas without resistance. I planned, monitored, and replanned. I made mistakes, saw what went wrong, and corrected them. I was free to be as creative and collaborative in my problem solving as possible. It made ranching fun."


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